Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Volvo eyes 3rd slot in Indian luxury car market by 2020

NEW DELHI: Swedish carmaker Volvo Car Corporation is revving up plans for India with an aim to become the third largest luxury car maker in the country by 2020, for which it may even consider assembly operations.

The company's Indian arm Volvo Auto India will also be launching products at the entry level points of the luxury car segment apart from expanding its dealer network in order to increase volumes.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Dealer Track: Contract to Get 1st Auto Transport Directory

Expanding its range of solutions and services for the automotive trade industry, Dealer Track today announced a contract to get 1st Auto Transport Directory, Inc., a web-based network for arranging vehicle transport and shipping. Total thought for the transaction is estimated to be approximately $74.0 million in cash, subject to standard acquire price adjustments.

Similar to our other network solutions, the purchase of 1st Auto Transport supports our mission to be the leader in driving competence in the automotive retailing industry. 1st Auto helps dealers source and organize of vehicles in a extra timely and cost helpful manner, said Mark O'Neil, chairman and chief executive officer, Dealer Track. Dealer Track enables the key elements of a dealer's workflow with our award-winning DMS, credit application network, and account management tools, among other offerings. We believe Central Dispatch complements Dealer Track’s turn-key record management services, including analytics, pricing, merchandising, cluster trade and now transportation, for franchise and independent dealers.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Vehicle shipping quotes - rate calculator

The car shipping calculator is a virtual math tool that estimates the amount one get to pay for shipping their car. It comes up to as an online bonus service offered by car shipping companies to clients.

With such technology at your doorway it turns out to be your piece of cake just ball parking the figure as of how much you will pay for the movement of your car to a new location.

One such great and remarkable feature in it is, it does not include any handling charges and the exact amount will be known to you along with the miles your car will be traveling.