Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Buick in a hard place to make Verano unique

Buick’s Verano is a new front drive compact sedan. General Motors is trying hard to differentiate the Buick where the Verano and Chevrolet Cruze almost share the same platform.

Buick shows a major difference from the Cruze thereby concentrating on wide range of features throughout the car such as:
¤ Transmission

¤ Air induction and exhaust

¤ Noise-reducing technologies
Buick Verano

Buick really aims to create a major effort to distinguish itself from the Cruze and the wide range of compacts on the highway. Some attractive key features present in Buick include:
  1. Triple-sealed doors to reduce exterior noise.

  2. Acoustic insulation material near the front steel dash panel and under the hood to reduce engine noise.

  3. Hydraulic suspension bushings and an isolated engine cradle to reduce vibrations over uneven road surfaces.

  4. Thicker window glass to reduce window noise.

  5. Several layers of acoustic insulation material in the doors to reduce the sound of wet-road sizzle.

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