Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Various moving scams and how to avoid it

Relocation is biggest difficult task and you can make it easier by hiring the trustworthy moving company. For that you should be aware of the moving scammers. Here in this article we discussed you about the various moving scams and the method of avoiding it.

Common Moving Scams:
  • Lack of positive reference
  • Lack of or a bad estimate.
  • Requesting Additional costs.
  • Paying full price or large amount as a deposits.
  • Moving truck scam.

How to avoid it:
  • View the reviews of the companies to find the best moving company.
  • Don’t use the moving company which estimates your moving costs through phone.
  • Stick to the given estimation and fixed price.
  • Don’t pay large amount or full price as a deposit.
  • Don’t sign any blank papers and don’t pay the movers before they transport your possessions to your new home.

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