Tuesday, 19 February 2013


There are three very essential car repairs that you should be mindful about aside from brakes repair. Namely, diesel transmission repair, differential repair and transfer case repair. However, you shouldn't worry about transfer case repair if you have a regular two-wheel drive car.

Basically, the transmission is responsible for converting the output of the engine and transfer (diesel powered or gas powered) to the drive wheels. It consists of gears that can shift between varied speeds or torques either manually or automatically. The transmission is connected by drive shafts to the differential which in turn drive the axle and wheels. The differential is responsible for different wheel speeds on either ends of an axle (right and left wheels). This prevents slipping during turns when the direction of the rotation changes.

Signs of transmission and differential repair are similar so it is difficult to distinguish it. Here are few repairs that common in car repairs.

First common repair is diesel transmission repair and its sign is you will experience complexity and holdup in shifting the car. Other than this sign still there are more signs that include differential fluid leakage, out of control gears, experiencing horrible noise etc.

Second common repair is differential repair and its signs are experiencing beating noise, differential leak, clutch will not function properly.

Third common repair is transfer case repair and its signs are leakage, strange noises, gears dried up.

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