Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Is it necessary to service my transmission?

Often changing transmission fluid may keep your transmission good. When you have your transmission serviced, a basic safety check is supposed to also be done. A service is needed more than just replacing the fluid. Transmission specialist suggested that transmission service should be done for every 15 months or 25,000 km. if it is not serviced properly then there will be chance of transmission fail occur.
Common performance in service
  • Test drives the car to identify any signs of problems
  • Checking whether the check engine light is on or off
  • Minor adjustments in transmission will be done
  • Checking fluid level if it is low then there must be leakage
  • Checking for electronic codes for any transmission fail
  • Removing the pan
  • Dropping Transmission Fluid
  • Changing the Filter and Gasket
  • Refill the fluid to the correct level


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