Monday, 18 July 2011

Stylish and New BMW M2 coupe revealed

We can say that this is the BMW M car revolution.

M Division’s new managing director, Dr Friedrich Nitschke says that revolutionary new M3 is there in the pipeline.

He also says that "In the 1M Coupe, we have a starter car for the M Division, and we are continuing to develop this project.

Such models will be sporty with an extraordinary low fuel consumption.

This is something we could achieve with the M2. I think the 1M Coupe proves there is room for M2, a coupe."


M2 is all set to draw attention to the 2 series with a front-mounted engine driving the rear wheels.

Because of the bold look it is expected that this series will be instantly recognizable from the entry-level car with unique front and rear end styling.

It has been said that the company is currently testing with two engines.
  1. 3.0-litre six-cylinder turbo very similar to that in the 1M Coupe and it offers around 350bhp
  2. Innovative tri-turbo, giving similar performance but better fuel economy.
Power will be obtained from BMW’s all new DCT whereas brakes will be taken from M3.

To maintain the coupe’s weight to a minimum, the company is planning to make use of the advanced carbon fibre plastics.

BMW reports that only 30 of the 450 right-hand-drive versions of the two-door 1 Series it has built remain unsold. The all-new two-door is expected to arrive here in 2015.

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